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Welcome to MetroFlex Gym MSP, home of the 22nd MetroFlex Gym to open in this iconic & storied franchise. Metroflex Gym MSP is the training grounds for all time greats -- 7 time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Colman, Branch Warren and others all perfecting their world-class physiques out of the Original MetroFlex in Arlington, Texas. 

MetroFlex Gym MSP is a 7000 sq ft facility offering something for all training levels, including indoor turf, unlimited free weights, plate loaded equipment, pin loaded Matrix and Icarian machines, cardio machines, private posing room, members lounge and much more.


Services include personal training, nutrition plans, and a full time message therapist by appointment. Inquire to learn more. 

Although MetroFlex Gym's are branded as a hardcore training facility we cater to all, from beginners to the most experienced athletes. 

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